Our Food

Our Food

Copper kitchen specializes serves biryani, tandoor, and Chettinadu dishes. We serve traditional Muslim marriage style biriyani.


Copper kitchen was the first restaurant who introduced full goat biriyani in Chennai, Lamb shoulder biriyani. We are known for our traditional Muslim Biryani with its rich spices of Indian subcontinent. Our dear chef Muhammed serves the best biryani and also a multicuisine expert with years of practice and experience.


Tandoor Chef Thabarack Ali adds new varieties every month, of them one most popular dish is 12 feet long Tandoor platter is one of highlight, Chef special Tandoor chicken, Noorani Murg Tikk, Murg Musallam. These dishes are highly popular and are made exclusively by our expert chef with love, care and hygiene.


Chettinadu Mutton Shoulder, Fish Pollichath, Kizhi Parotta, Nenjelumb Mutton Soup by Chef Singaraju Chettinad food, with original red chilli and black pepper flavours along with other spices making the food spicy, aromatic with well-balanced flavours.